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  • When your sister tries to go shop on ebay but accidentally types aby. She didn't know that sort of thing went on before. [1]
  • Being totally turned on by the Wii controller.
  • Babyfurs at Cons.
  • When Superman forces bestiality upon Jimmy Olsen.
  • Largo and Piro Yaoi Fanfiction.
  • Talking to a classmate and having them giggle every time you talk about looking stuff up on "the Inter Nets".
  • Masturbating while playing the Flying Spaghetti Monster flash game.
  • Oh shit this isn't the webcest page : (

Also, he appears to have created enough of a stigma with this entry to have deterred other posters from adding anything to it.


by AlexTrebek himself

I guess he plays ITG, IIDX, and to a lesser extent DDR. Pretty cool, yeah.

Went total bitch of something and everyone hates him now.


^Dear whoever wrote that, Fuck you. Fuck you a lot. -Max

Sticker Ninja Edit


Created a fashion where free stickers from the post-office became ninja-gear.

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