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Among the awesome handfull who joined in February '04. Blade's a funny guy, with 90's pop references (especially old cartoons,) and one hell of a lot of fads. Blade's a pretty mellow guy, but when he flames, he uses a lot of common sense known to usually get an "pwn" or two. Actually, I don't think people even try to disagree with him on most occasions, they just back off or be like "no u." Blade's got a few websites up, including Hey Milo, The Charismaville Files, but not this one, it was made by Kill_Me.

Blade was a member of the Circle of Elitist Posters.

By Mysnucks :)) Slightly edited for accuracy by Blade but is still "objective" cause it's mostly not by me (btw thnx mang)

Blade is also the founder of SLIME which was a short fad of the forum before it got hack-uhd. Fuck you guys, I (Max) am the main one who brought up Der Dragon Warrior and I believe I utilized Slime the most.

He also did the word hack-uhd after he changed Bioten's sig to advertise his site Hey Milo. - Afal

As enigmatic as he is masterful, little is known of his background. His real name is believed to be Clayton, though when this name is spoken by an unworthy tongue, it's a bad thing.

It has recently been revealed that Blade has an occupation at a theme park but does not enjoy it very much.

On September 10th, after absorbing the discarded admin power of Gigabane to become the almighty Gigablade, he de-adminned and banned himself for being the only true threat to his power in an e-stunt that was not entirely funny meant to conclude his membership at AD. He and Gigabane have both since returned (seperately).

He was Rod Serling for a week.

He is often depicted as a sword-weilding man colored in red - a 'tomato man' if you will. He was mistaken as some sort of robot warrior in his depiction in ZorkCat. This is now a webcomic.

Current ShenanigansEdit

After the domain lapsed in March of 2013, Blade volunteered his own server to become the new home of AD Forums. The move allowed Blade to upgrade the forum software for the first time in many years, and restored important tags such as youtube.

He is the main SYSADMIN of AD Forums, whatever that means.

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