Bup's avatar.

Known for importing jokes and insults from Something Awful almost verbatim, creating both chaotic resentment and amusement in his wake. Most of AD's "trends" were influenced by his unstoppable trollings.

Bup is diplomatically immune to everything.

Modship Edit

Somewhere in the period where AD had a shitty layout and it was decaying/falling apart, Jack Acid decided to make Bup a mod. Apparently he did some stupid things, but also some things such as editing some member's posts if he didn't like that member.

Adminship Edit

This happened on October 9 and only lasted for a day, I think. Quoted from Current Events..

Bup was made an admin and everyone got mad, so the AD skype mafia met up, spammed,   
bitched, and apparently Rei made an ultimatum that if Bup stays admin, she leaves. So  
Bup was turned back into a mod.

Fan Art Edit