Captain Awesome is a man who defies definition. An entry is provided regardless.

He headed his own religion which circled around a lack of pants, and championed a school of political thought known as neo-federalism, often defending America and humanity at large in serious threads while remaining on good terms with those he debated with. Half-beard was his e-friend.

CA, otherwise known as Tom, was made the moderator of General Ramblings, but never made much use of this position. He no longer posts.

more leik "tit-obsessed asshole" amirite? - kill_me

Secretly A Shark - Gigabane

yeah, from the second half of 2005 until the present day, Tom Awesome gave up his dedicated Awesome-status and denounced being a ninja. He rejoined the AD Forums on the same day as the Virginia Tech Massacre, but later on in the day. - half-Beard "Captain Awesome loses his title to upstart; NBC acquires rights to Captain Awesome" (*runs* *runs* *runs some more*)