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  • Began posting at the Animated Diversions back in Apr. '03
  • Acquired over 3,000 posts in original ToonZone Forum
  • Left AD after hacking and vowed to not return
  • Returned to Edge's AD circa May of '06
  • Admin'd September 13th, 2006

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Best Known Signatures Edit Darkphil Animated

Fanart Edit

I don't remember the order they were made..
551 It all started with this picture.. I think deebee started it off Rei made this Deebee made this to rip off Rei's mysnsucks made this

There's probably more but I don't remember

Regulator's Comment: I have the original picture, but all the others are erased-eded. Oh well.

Rei: I had a copy of mine, so I put it up there. Shouldn't the old URLs reveal what order they were drawn, though?

AD Real-Life MeetingsEdit

  • Met Mr. deebee in Oct. of '04 during the terrible rains in Los Angeles.

  • Met Half-beard at a small Westwood pizza restaurant in early '06 by the UCLA hospital.

Currently half-Beard isn't giving me a date for West Coast AD, so it'll probably never happen.

Fail'd Fads Edit

-- Posting GIANT NO's with red text after disagreeable posts

-- Saying "FACT" or "This is FACT" after very factual posts

-- Saying "Go Die" after a person's quote rather than saying the ever popular "GTFO"

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Happy Face233

Miscellaneous Edit

--Known for posting lots of photos of himself on the forum. Grouped in the same category as Half-beard.

--Used to be a respected member but then was maimed for being such an asshole in the SUPERADMIN hoax (Da Regulator goes evil)

--He said he isn't coming back to forums but we want him to come back. Also all he ever usually says to me is good night. But it's better than nothing, and it does keep the relationship exp from dropping.

    Also dubbed: A Yurei Drama Queen D:

-- Certified Raygirl and Half-beard's Marriage

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I hope he fell in a well. - Zack

I think Da Reg is one of the few people I'd like to meet from AD one day. - Koneko