More commonly known by the pseudonym Afal, Dave Ordref is from Transylvania or something, and he probably enjoys "hacking" or "cracking" (untrue). He appears to occupy the fine line between "script kiddie" (LOL WUT?) and "foreigner".

Afal Sez Edit

Ok I'm guessing Brade wrote this

Transylvania - HA HA you know I'm from Wales Right???

Hacking - I hardly do that any more, and the stuff I know is purely basic(e.g. Looking in the source :rolleyes:)

Plus you forgot about my game making and program stuff so if I was called a "haxor" for any reason it would be for a paticular programing language GML in Game Maker

WHICH BTW Blade is better than click and play or whatever you use to do with the Hey Milo game "Virtual Milo"

Plus I was called Afal because "Afal" was one of the characters of my games

Afal is "[s]Apple[/s] pinapple" in Welsh FYI

lol who edited that cause pineaple is pinafal :rolleyes:


lol shut up afal

nah Im just kidding, you're alright. -Mysnucks