Dragon's Real Picture

Probably the only 'important person' who didn't like Bup.

She used to be mistaken for a guy, probably likes dragons, RPs a lot (badly), and eventually became a moderator of the RP Realm (I don't know how).
((Giga: Nyx did it without asking, she also did it to Masako. Though I had no major beef with it, they were not my choices for moderators at all at the time))

She uses ellipses way too much (supposedly), and can't spell/capitalize/write without chatspeak.

Or so it is said.

Other facts about her whereabouts:

  • During her career of posting on AD, she resided in the great state of Texas (Don't Mess with Texas)
  • Currently residing in the country of Belgium...with some nice waffles. :)

once I had a book about dragons and it said that dragons were real but I have never seen any