This is my record of funny messages he sent me. - Rei

First off incase you two dont know, you've both gotten the same PM here.

Why? Should be pretty obvious, because of the fuckin catfight you two are putting off.

I for one, dont like a LOT of people on this forum, but I bite my god damn tongue, or
send them a PM. Maybe you two could try that as well. Cause I dont give a flying fuck 
if you two like each other or not. Because not only are you starting to piss others 
off now, but your really starting to piss me off.

I gave you guys an in thread warning before. This is now your serious warning. If I 
see any god damn hostility between you two again, whoever starts it is getting a temp 
ban for a week. If the other continues into the flamefest instead of just reporting 
and ignoring it, they to will get banned.
I really dont want to have to do this to you two, your great people on the forum. But    
if you two cant keep it to yourselves, or in private messages, then I'm going to do  
what I've got to.

As I said, this is your warning. Both of you clean up your act.


^From the Hikkayumi vs Rei flame war. Inolvidable.

Gigabane backs off Edit

I actually strongly debated even giving you the PM, because it's the pickle.
So, more or less, use your better judgement.
If you do something and your not sure, ask me and I'll tell ya.

Very nice quote by the way.:wub:

^ After he thought I deleted all of 8-bit's posts manually, he yelled at me and I snapped right back, the followed with emo lyric quotes for humor. He replied with this (HE GAVE ME A :wub: WHAT THE FUCK) and backed off. I was surprised and I never forgot it.

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