She had a lot of sns, including sakayami, rosette christopher, and for a day, buttcheese person. She had a relationship with Zack, and was enemies with Rei. Apparently she tried to kill herself like eight times, but always failed. What a failure.

Wait - Hikkayumi was Sakaki all this time?! I thought they were different people. :/


No, no it wasn't.

No what wasn't?

I'm confused really Was this Sakaki (or as bacon called her Suckcocky) or is this a totally different person? - Afal

It wasn't. -Sakaki

WHAT WASN'T??????!!!?!??!!?(lol)!! - Rei

waitasec, I though she was from Florida. Her and deathmodel/sailornikki were from the same area and lost their friendship because they were both hot for Zack. -half-Beard

HAHAHA no. Hikka was Kiriyama

Hikkayumi most defientely was NOT Kiriyama! I dont pose as 15 year old girls on the internets- Kiriyama

It's been a year. So I can clearly say, yes you do. Bitch.

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