Oh he must feel so lonely because nobody wants to do him. I mean, besides his sex obsessed girlfreind. Ah just kidding man, you're alright.

Uh, so yeah. Kill Me likes to write really long and dramatic sentences about his life. I mean, this kid's life is REALLY DRAMATIC. We all poke fun at him, but just for fun. He used to flame a lot in the highscore forum, and he went all transvestite with pink font, and got banned. A lot. -Mysnucks

He lives in Jerrrrrrrrrseeey, the new one of something, I think the old one got blown up. -Zack

He has some problems dealing with shit and seems to lack self-control, hence defacing some guy's car because his girlfriend cheated on him with that dude. -AlexTrebek

Man, all I have to say is that this guy is messed up, but as long as he doesn't mess with me I don't really care, I think. -Rei

Is this the same guy who was banned several times and pretended he was a girl on some accounts? -Fat_guy1

He was banned multiple times, but never pretended to be a girl, it's just that no one really knew. One day he called my cell phone while I was playing videogames, so I was like "Cool, I'll unban you now". -Gigabane

Over-dramatizes high school relationships while being totally hypocritical about posting personal relationship issues on the internet. In short, a jerkface. -Ebony Lewinsky


We love yah Manny.