So I wuz lyke 'lololo wy dosnt he hav a page?????' so i sed to maisefl ' i gues ill maik a paeg!!!!1!!'

So I did.

mysnsucks is sometimes called 'mysnucks' because it is an optical illusion and it's easier on my brains to pronunce. Pronounce.

He draws a lot at DeeBeez Oekakeez (as Dead cat), so Deebee made him an admin there. But not a super admin.

Hear r sum ov he pictur: Ass u cn C, he am hav very gud + uniQ styl. :DDDD

He is also the makr ov Sharkboy .


I wuz gonna post on the internet, but then I got high. -Me

He is a majestic - Blade

I had to give new links for pictures, because they're gone now... :'( - Deebee

And you saved all of his pictures, deebee? What about MINE? Pssh.... - Da Regulator

It has been recently discovered that Snucks is in fact a female. Hands (or equivalent appendages) up all those who thought Snucks was a Y-chromosomal. *raises his wing* -PW

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