During a small point in time meny people were unshure that the women who posted in the forum were protraing the roles that they said they were. So it was demanded, by the male side of the forum, that the female posters of the forum would have to show there breasts or, refered to in the forum "tits" to prove there trust to the forum. As meny would know this act would be hard to accomplish so it was devised that the female posters would take a picture of there uncoverd "tits", scan the picture onto there computer, and post it onto the forum.

As of yet no female has posted there brests onto the forum, but strangely enough a male member of the forum did post his "tits" onto the forum to prove that he is indeed of the male gender. - Old shitty article that I am only keeping here so I can tell them to stop and provide evidence that they are retarded at typing.

As best as I can remember, "Post Tits" started when it was determined that internet superstar Eris was a dumb bitch and the only good thing about her was she was a girl and therefore must have at least some hint of tits. So, Gir told her to post tits or get out. From there, it became a fun joke and a fun way to tell people off. In the end, the only people who posted tits were Gir and AlexTrebek and perhaps a few other dudes that I don't remember.
haha like ME JERK -mysnucks
Wait, .. you?! Ew. - Rei
o ok let's not remember mine >: ( -PSchniddy
no problem! - DeeBee

Later, Gir posted butt and AlexTrebek did also but he was enough of an altruist to keep pants on for the butt picture.

[edit] Nope, you're wrong, previously-edited page.

God, are my breasts worth nothing to you people! Not even remembered :P -Gigabane

Rei exclusively posted tits. - Zack