^Gir is NOT insane.

To this day, I don't think anyone is 100% sure who Sombre is. Except maybe gir. Who is insane.

Sombre is a member who has been constantly accused of being Rei's second account. And Rei denies it up and down. ..That's about it, actually.

EDIT: Okay I think Sombre is Rei..

  • They both know common italian like 'fuck you'? D:
  • They are both probably white guys.
  • Rei was really the only person who I clearly remember defending Sombre in the "SOMBRE IS REI" shit.
  • Yeah.

Why did Sombre have the same Photobucket account and posted nearly the same as Rei? - Rei

Because I hosted shit for him, you dumbshit. Don't you think I'd be a little smarter about it if I wanted a second account? Goddamn. Also I don't think he posted like me. - Rei

Ok then the "YOUR MOM" thing he started with? The post which you said "LEWL STFU UR ONLY MY BITCH" and then repeated what he said? I don't really know but there are a lot of conspiracy behind the thing??? Of course Gir and me could be wrong- Rei

But anyway I don't care. Somber Sombre was awesome and I don't really care if it was you rei or anyone else. Unless he's Rei or another faggot - Rei

If he was Rei I'm queen of your mom. >: ( Anyways, yeah, I IMed Rei and we were cool and stuff, but I don't remember much and it was kinda fun being accused of being Sombre, especially since I am apparently also Rei and Rei combined or something? Or was it that Rei was me and Rei combined. :/

If it was I, why the fuck would I go back to being Rei ? That accounts so fucked up that even if I became the most kickass poster ever (which will never happen) my account would still be regarded as shit. ~Rei

It's Rei. -Rei.

Somehow, I always knew. ~Bioten