She was a really immature bitch 'roleplayer'. She was being a bitch and then she left so everyone forgot her. : )

The day she 'left', she left a really stupid thread in the pickle. I whited it all out(I didn't want to completely remove it because my heart was not completely black back then) and then I made it say something much more interesting to read. I guess it was to the lines of "BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH WHINE WHINE :' ((((" or something. I don't remember.

Then even though she 'left forever', she came back and left again with this really stupid PM to me.

From:  	Spirit
To: 	Rei Ayanami
Posted: 	21 Dec 2004 09:02 pm
Subject: 	hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 	
tut tut. changing a person's rant. and a roleplayer's to boot! i'm ashamed of you
rei!poor little me. poor, poor little me. after all, that's all i seem to do right?  
me, me, me. or is it you? i can never tell... well i'll leave you with one thing,  
bitch. a warning: don't make me mad. i can do much worse things than rant. oh, i'm 
sorry, did that sound like a threat? report me. i could give a damn. happy holidays
you two-bit sow.

So much for doing 'much worse things than rant', eh? Hahahaha.

Lol. What a bitch. - Mr. Cheesecake

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