On the 21st of December, 2005, JackAcid made an announcement of what would soon be the purge of AD. Because of countless dead threads, old posts, multiple accounts, and inactive members, the purge seemed a practical sollution. Soon posters were asking each other whether they would return after the purge or not. Until the deadline, Dec. 31st, we will wait. And cry. And masturbate.

EDIT: It has happened. December 28th. Viva la Pickle.

EDIT: It has still not been reborn yet. People grow impatient. January 2nd. Viva la Pickle.

EDIT: WTF IS ON TEH G.O.?!?! Jack/Dub/Edge are so slow, way to be slow, slowpokes. I want my forums back *Single tear* -Giga

EDIT: I blame Edge, since the SMF was his idea. So it's only logical that this must have been his work. Or maybe Jack for not knowing how to install it. Actually.... I blame you all for not having a working back-up forum. -AYM

(re)EDIT: January *3rd*, and yet no new cucumber to picklize.

EdIT: The ADiversions main forum page now links to Edge's pickle. Gir wants everyone to thank him for remembering the site address. NOW.

Gir is teh awsomeness -Wugzapanzermanathod

EDIT: AD forums main page says to go to a substitute forum. We are not amused. January 4th. VIVA LA PICKLE >:(

EDIT: I was on vacation so I couldn't do shit but set up the test forum for SMF, I'm waiting on Dub for the passwords so I can install SOME kind of forum software. Hopefully it'll be today, January 7th. - Edge

EDIT: Its been over a month and NOTHING! OH JEEZ!

EDIT: Oh right people still read this,