Someone else can organise this or whatever. I'm just typing what I know. - Rei

Origins/About Edit

  • It was named after a shitty RP made by Kero called 'this will be funny' or something, which is probably why it never was successful/never got any good serious RPers.
  • It was about that there was a dimension and ANYONE can change it to whatever they want but the catch is that a little bit of what it used to be has to stay, so it ended up being pretty fucked up at the end.
  • At the end the world pretty much made no sense whatsoever.
  • Yes, and it was meant to be serious and epic, but it was better that it turned out this way.
  • BEST RP IN AD EVER. >: (

Starring Edit

  • Rei as herself(at first) then Reibear.
  • Gir as a pink talking salmon with legs and beefy arm. Also, it had lungs, but it is pretty unsure if he had gills or not. Also, I think he flew at one point.
  • Blade as superduck, a duck with a cape. I have no idea what color it is. I considered him to be much like a supervillain, though.
  • A ferris wheel. I'm not exactly sure what it had to do with anything, or if it even counts, but it was in one of my This Will Be Fun pictures.

Members Involved Edit

  • The main characters were Rei, gir, and Blade. (I think. I get you people confused a lot. Was mysnsucks in it? No.)
  • Sombre was in it but he sucked.
  • There was this random gothy new RPer who tried to make everything all dark and thunder, then he realised how pointless it was and left in all his gothiness.
  • Momsako was in it, too, for a short time, then he disappeared.

Yeah, I never posted in the RP forum until it pretty much broke, along with everything. This sounded like fun though ): -mysnucks

The fall of This Will Be Fun Edit

  • Jinx deleted it for not reason and we HATED HIM FOR IT WITH ALL OUR GUTS I HATE YOU >: (((

"fun facts" ;) Edit

  • This was where Reibear came from. gir turned me into a grizzly bear and I tried to turn back, so I kept the ears and the teeth and the BEAR CLAWS RAWRARAR.
  • Rei made lots of fanart because she loves it a lot and it can never be replaced and it is a gaping hole in her heart she desperately tries to fill. :'(
  • This will be fun WAS fun.

Pictures Edit

(You guys can add pictures if you have them or whatever. I only have the ones I drew.) - Rei


Drawn at Deebeez Oekakeez. As far as I know, the very first art.


Most likely the only pencil fanart.


More info if you click on it. Screenshot of Eris and her posse of suck, as well as the This Will Be Fun thread.

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