Zack joined AD forums on Jan 20, 2004 Edit

Th mes

One of Zack's many avatars.

Still awesome as shit after 5 years

About MeEdit

  • I used to draw but gave up on such outlets. You can find my work online if you care enough(you don't)
  • I was born on June 6, 1988 in Georgia(the bad poster state)
  • Inventor of Kocak which was a terrible fad.
  • AD Elder which no longer means shit.
  • I rp'd on AD which I sometimes regret.


When Zack Joined ADEdit

He started off making his 1st ever thread in guest mode as "Zack Biscardi" that was a fanfic of High Score, then later on returned and joined officially. Influenced by the newest episode of Bonus Stage at the time he dubbed himself "Zack_emo_forever" His crazy antics got him quickly in trouble by forum staff. He showed rebellious roots against the unwritten laws of AD forums.

"The Pickle Pack" a close knit group of early Picklers were known for their late night spamming of the HS forum and jokes on Gigabanes limitations. The PicklePack consisted of: Half-beard, Koneko, Protoman, Stinko, Dark Angel and Zack. Time passed and things changed. After the huge rush of newbies (Now respected members and mods) joined AD, things were changed as rules were implemented by the newly Admin'd Gigabane. Thus the Era know as the Tokyoffical vs. AD era started.

During his stay at AD Zack acquired the ownership of the Internet from previous owner, Al Gore. Zack soon after wards boasted his newly acquired asset by making it in all his post for a time period. Soon fan sites and a offical site by zack was created to show the love/hate of the "I OWNZ THE INTERNETS" fad. ---

Things remembered for..

  • The consistent overuse of "kekeke"
  • The "Masako is banned?!" thread jokes.
  • Being temp-banned on many occasions.
  • Being perma-banned from HS forums by creator Matt Wilson.
  • The Interview thread.
  • Multiple accounts and/or screen names
  • The Greatest Roller Koh fan.

Screennames he went by (last updated 2006)Edit

  • Zack_emo_forever
  • Zack_the_kid
  • Zack_the_neko
  • Zack_what
  • Zack_the_something
  • Zack?
  • Tuxedo Zack
  • Zackzilla
  • Zack_nowai
  • Ew its Zack

Other thingsEdit

  • Zackgrounds was a site to parody NG's.

ZackGrounds logo.

Unicorn FeatsEdit

  • Getting Matt Wilson to agree on a offical BS Interview with [1] The Charismaville Files


During his stay at AD Zack had made many other accounts for no reason other then boredom..

  • gir_
  • Jonald2.0
  • Jonalds_mom
  • Joel_Dawson
  • Phil Argus
  • Many more I cant even remember.

Became Admin on August 07, 2006 @ 10:57:31 PM Edit

Died on April 15, 2007 @ 3:57 AM Edit

Zack Memorial

Oh man, some faggot totally put in August 15, 2007, WHICH HAS YET TO HAPPEN.

Fan Art Edit